Parent Testimonials

At Park House Nursery we always aim to provide the best start for all of our children and parents. Below are just a few of the glowing testimonials from some of our past parents. If you have any questions or would like to enquire about enrolling your child or visiting the Nursery please do get in touch.



“Great staff & a wonderful warm atmosphere” – Mrs & Mrs Morris (Aug 2011)


“The care and dedication of Mrs Appleby and all her wonderful staff made the transition into school easy. T is an extremely caring little boy and an all round top set student who constantly performs above his years. He is socially and academically bright and we personally believe his attitude to learning stems from having a warm and comforting start at Park House Nursery” – Mr & Mrs Chandler (Sept 2010)


“We greatly appreciate all the care & support you have provided” – Mr & Mrs O’Neill (June 2011)


“I would like to take opportunity to thank you and your staff for the care an attention shown to H during her time at Park House. As well as this she has developed into a little person full of fun and confidence. This is in no small part due to her time at nursery” – Mrs Bromham (Sept 2010)


“Thank you for all your support and the wonderful service you have provided” – Mr & Mrs Wallace (Aug 2011)


“I wholeheartedly thank you and you staff for your co-operation and hardwork. It’s been the best educational start. A cherishable 2 ½ years!” – Mrs Gill (Sept 2011)


“Park House Nursery was a wonderful, caring environment for my daughter to learn to play and grow. The dedicated staff encouraged my daughter to be independent and confident through a warm teaching environment – the teaching and learning were both a high quality” – Mrs L. Patterson


“We believe the nursery provides a stimulating environment to encourage growth” – Mr & Mrs Hipkin (April 2012)


“Excellent in their care and service” – Mr & Mrs Walton (December 2011)


“I loved all the staff who were all very enthusiastic and I loved all the outdoor space. I would recommend the nursery to any parent considering a nursery” – Mrs F Harker (2011)


“Both my daughters attended Park House from the age of 1 right through until they left for school and they both couldn’t have been happier. All the staff were wonderful and provided a fantastic range of stimulating play activities in a wonderful, rural environment with plenty of spacious outdoor play areas. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Park House and it provided our family with many fond memories” – Mrs V Shepley (2011)


“All three of my children have attended Park House Nursery over the last 10 years. It is testimony to the care and love and guidance they gave to my children, that I was comfortable and happy to leave them in Park House Nursery’s care. The children still talk fondly about Park House and the staff, and I honestly can’t remember a day when they didn’t want to go to nursery and can remember many when they refused to leave the fun in the outside play area, or leave before their activity had finished” – Mrs S Russell (2010)


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